The_eye_of_Bast is the third book from Magicians of Egypt. This is the last chronicle before the three groups regroup to stop Setne and Set. This book features Jason brother to Marc, Carter, Alex, and Cleo and Stephanie, follower of Sekhmet.

"Yes, I know this is against the ancient laws, even for a rebel, sneaking into an ancient library to research for the legend of the jewel, the eye of Bast. Lost after the fall of Egypt, but you can't blame me, Kuk told me so. I read attentively and decided to go to Cleopatra's castle to check for signs. I went out and summoned my car of Shadows. I was about to escape when Stephanie came in.

"Looking for the eye of Bast," she said.

"Um... No, I don't even know what that is," I said nervously.

"Uh huh. So why did you sneak into the great library and research on jewellery and Bast ?" asked Stephanie.

"Ugh. What do you want," I asked.

"To help you on your quest. Don't you see ? Hapi is gone, your siblings have to find them. Set and Setne are loose, other magicians have to stop them temporarily. The eye of Bast, I think that's the last thing we have to do, before the heroes regroup," she said

"Fine, I have to see if your worthy. What are your abilities," I asked.

"Path of Sekhmet, the seven arrows of Sekhmet renewing everyday, expert in offensive magic with the was or a normal staff, combat avatar, animal charming, fire magic, and healing magic," she replied.

"You're in," I said eagerly.

"Yes, but what are your siblings going to think when they return from there quest ?" she asked

"We have to return before the war. All order has to be restored if we want to defeat the house of life," I replied.

"I guess we're off," she said.

I started driving the car